Saturday, August 08 2015

Fantasy Springs Resort Casino , CA

Johan Perez

(20-2-1, 13 KOs) VS.

Dmitry Mikhaylenko

(19-0-0, 8 KOs)

12 Round Welterweight Fight
Available in HD

Dmitry Mikhaylenko (20-0,9 KO) definitely made himself someone to watch as he defeated Johan Perez (20-3-1, 13 KO) in an 8-round TKO at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, California on Saturday, August 8.

From the first round, Mikhaylenko- A Russian native- had Perez up for a good fight as there were a number of jaw-dropping exchanges between the two fighters. In the first few rounds, Perez seemed to have the advantage, but by the third round the momentum seemed to change to Mikhaylenko as he forced Perezís head back on more than one occasion.

In round five, Perez switched to southpaw stance as he desperately tried to create space between himself and Mikhaylenko. Unfortunately, that did not help Perez, as this only drove Mihaylenko to increase the intensity and number of blows, ultimately landing more punches to Perezís head and body.

ĎOnce I realized my punches were hurting him, I decided to continue to put pressure on him,í said Mikhayleko after the fight. ĎHe is not a heavy punch and I took the opportunity to overwhelm himí.

And that is what Mikhaylenko did as he took full advantage of Perezís fatigue and backed him in the corner and viciously hit Perez with a burst of punches that seemed to never let up, forcing referee Ray Corona to call the fight and name Mikhaylenko the winner.

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