Saturday, October 17 2015

Madison Square Garden , NY

Gennady Golovkin

(33-0-0, 30 KOs) VS.

David Lemieux

(34-2-0, 31 KOs)

12 Round WBC, WBA, IBF, IBO Middleweight Championship Bout
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In what many were predicting to be the biggest challenge to his staggering 91% KO record, middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin proved once again that he is one of the most dominant forces in boxing today, as his technical prowess and punching power lead him to a one-sided victory against Quebecois middleweight superstar David Lemieux.

In recent years, Golovkin has come to be known as an unstoppable force in the sport of boxing, a patient and methodical fighter who also possesses spectacular strength and unparalleled timing. His opponent Lemieux has also had a hugely impressive last few years, boasting an 86% knock out record in his professional career and a tremendous amount of stamina and resolve. If anyone was to take down Golovkin, it was hypothesized, Lemieux was the man to do it.

Things didn?t turn out so well for him, however, as it was clear from GGG?s early jabs that this would be a difficult fight for Lemieux to win. Golovkin remained in control of the ring throughout the fight, pressing his opponent back onto the ropes and hurting him badly in the 4th. In the 5th, a tremendous body shot from GGG sends Lemieux to a knee, and by the 7th, the Canadian is bleeding from the nose and mouth. He doesn?t give up, however: though clearly broken down, Lemieux continues to show his heart with his continued?though increasingly desperate?attempts to get one big shot on Golovkin, perhaps his only chance at changing the direction of the fight.

After another massive body shot followed by an impressive combination upstairs, Lemieux was sent back onto the ropes and referee Steve Willis stepped in to stop the fight. Lemieux was quick to condemn the stoppage as premature, but it was clear from his bruised and bloodied face that he had sustained enough punishment for one fight.

In Compubox numbers published shortly after the fight, GGG was confirmed to have landed an average of 21 jabs per round, more than quadruple the Middleweight average.

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