Saturday, January 30 2016

Bell Centre

Sergey Kovalev

(28-0-1, 25 KOs) VS.

Jean Pascal

(30-3-1, 17 KOs)

12 Round WBA, IBF, WBO Light Heavyweight Championship Bout
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In the highly anticipated rematch, undefeated Light Heavyweight title holder Sergey "Krusher" Kovalev demolished former World Champion Jean Pascal at Bell Centre in Montreal on January 30, 2016. Despite Pascal's determination to stay in the ring, Kovalev's ruthless approach dominated through the 7th round, resulting in a TKO victory for Kovalev.

Kovalev - A 32 year old native of Russia - opened the fight with a patient but brutal assault over the first few rounds. 33-year-old Pascal - originally from Haiti - began with a few hits in the first round, but none matched Kovalev's consistent jabs and near- knockout 2 minutes into the fight. Luckily for Pascal that blow was ruled a slip, and he got a hook in before the round finished.

Rounds 2 through 4 saw Kovalev in steady control, with Pascal getting in a few left hooks and body hits here and there to stay in the fight.

By the 5th round, Pascal seemed beat as Kovalev continued to pummel him with little resistance, doing just enough damage to keep him down without rushing an end to the fight. By this point Pascal's new coach - and World Boxing Hall of Fame star - Freddie Roach was ready to throw in the towel, but Pascal pushed to keep fighting.

Despite Pascal's clear defeat, the fight kept going through the 6th and 7th round, where he absorbed further heat - mostly to his face - from his unrelenting opponent. After the bell rang ending the 7th round, Roach called an end to the brutal match.

After the fight, a victorious Kovalev told the crowd, "I would fight more rounds and make him more pain and punish him more. Oh, wait, they stopped the fight before the eighth round. I don't respect him at all."

The bloodied Pascal gave a humble post-fight interview, congratulating his opponent and thanking his fans: "Kovalev, you did a better job tonight. He's a great champion. I will be back. Don't worry, guys. I love you and thank you very much."

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