Saturday, November 11 2017

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum , NY

Daniel Jacobs

(33-2-0, 29 KOs) VS.

Luis Arias

(18-1-0, 9 KOs)

12 Round Middleweight Fight
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In a masterful performance, Daniel “Miracle Man” Jacobs (33-2, 29 KOs) defeated Luis Arias (18-1, 9 KOs) at their November 11th meeting at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York, which put an end to Arias’ then-perfect record.

Jacobs dominated right from the start in a battle that would go all 12 rounds, with Jacobs ultimately proving victorious in a unanimous decision. While the final scores of 120-107, 119-108 and 118-109 show a clear outcome, Jacobs’ victory was still no easy feat.

Before the match, Arias had done a bit of trash talking, which really seemed to irk Jacobs. It added fuel to his fire, but also did have the desired effect of getting under his skin.

“The talk was motivation, but at the end of the day, it put me off my game plan,” Jacobs said. “I got a little too aggressive. I hurt him early on, and then I got more aggressive.”

Arias’ confidence was indeed overblown, and while he managed to hang in the full 12 rounds, he was outmatched by his opponent every step of the way. Arias threw just 318 punches compared to Jacobs’ 581. Arias also lacked in follow-through – landing just about 25% of his punches while Jacobs’ number was closer to 32%.

Despite those stats, Arias still put up a good fight and avoided many of Jacob’s early attempted homerun shots. Every swing Jacobs took was looking for the lights-out punch, but Arias was able to evade a match-ending blow.

In the sixth round Arias did start to take some real damage. Jacobs had trapped him along the edge of the ring, which culminated with a frantic flurry of hits that left Arias a bit dazed.

In the later rounds of the fight, Arias was playing less defense and instead tried to engage Jacobs, but this only left him vulnerable. Jacobs was able to keep pummeling him with power shots that ultimately, and resoundingly, won Jacobs the match.

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