Saturday, December 09 2017

Mandalay Bay Events Center , NV

Orlando Salido

(44-14-4, 31 KOs) VS.

Miguel Roman

(58-12-0, 45 KOs)

12 Round Junior Lightweight Fight
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Brutal and excruciating dont even begin to describe the fight where Miguel Mickey Roman (58-12, 45 KOs) defeated Orlando Salido (44-14, 31 KOs) with a technical knockout. The arduous match, held on December 9th at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, left Salido totally depleted as he announced his retirement.

When the match began, it was actually Salido who seemed to be in control, landing a weighty right hit that caused Romans feet to sway a bit. In the second, Salido thumped him again with another tough blow, but Roman stood his ground and fought on.

By the fourth, the tides were turning as Roman launched a series of rapid-fire hits that sent left Salido clambering for the ropes. Saldio took a moment to rest against them, but got back up to beat the count and keep on fighting.

As the match went on, it was clear that Salido wasnt going down easy. The fighters were locked in an intense and close battle as they dodged and weaved while landing shots here and there. Finally in the eighth, Roman was able to string together a three-punch combo followed by a four-punch assault that landed Salido back on the canvas, but again, he got back up.

Salidos resurgence was short-lived though. In the ninth, Roman was able to plant a right hand that snapped back Salidos head. Against the ropes, Roman drilled an uppercut into Salidos body, which doubled over and slumped down before the contest was called.

It was my moment. Things will change from today on, said Roman who went on to reveal, If I lost, I would have retired.

Time takes its toll. I just couldnt do it, said Salido, who did actually announce his retirement. I'am done. This is it. This was my last.

Before the match began, both fighters were at a make-it-or-break-it moment, on the brink of retirement, and with these results, one officially ends a bright career while the other now finds new motivation to keep going.

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