Saturday, April 28 2018

Barclays Center , NY

Daniel Jacobs

(32-2-0, 29 KOs) VS.

Maciej Sulecki

(26-0-0, 10 KOs)

12 Round Middleweight Fight
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Danny "Miracle Man" Jacobs (34-2-0, 29 KOs) conquered his opponent Maciej Sulecki (26-1-0, 10 KOs) in a close fight that ended with a unanimous decision. The grueling battle was held on April 28 at the Barclays Center in New York City.

In the first round Sulecki, came out with a jab and followed it up with a hook, which Jacobs managed to slip away from. Feeling out his opponent like a lion waiting on a gazelle, Jacobs fired a few jabs to throw off Sulecki?s timing. By round two, Sulecki regained his focus and aggressively came out with a combination of jabs and hooks. The two continued to trade hits round after round until the seventh, where Sulecki landed a powerful right hand that left Jacobs up against the ropes.

Sulecki's momentum was short lived though. By the eighth, Jacobs started making his comeback and hit Sulecki with a sharp left hook. Jacobs then thrust forward into a jab, followed by a hook that brushed the side of his opponents face. He finished that off with three punches to the face and a hard right hook. In the ninth, Sulecki paced the floor, awaiting any moment Jacobs might let his guard down. He found his opportunity and landed one right on the jaw, but Jacobs countered with two quick body shots.

In the twelfth, Sulecki came out like a firecracker, popping off punches one after the other. Jacobs then delivered a big blow right to Sulecki?s cheek that knocked him down. Sulecki somehow managed to make it back to his feet, where the pair continued trading blows right up until the final bell. The arduous battle was finally over, and with scores of 116-111, 117-110 and 115-112, Jacobs was able to edge out his tireless opponent.

"He was a tough customer," said Jacobs. "But at the end of the day, I thought I did well and earned a unanimous decision. I think there's definitely another level that I can reach."

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