Saturday, September 08 2018

The Forum , CA

Juan Francisco Estrada

(37-3-0, 25 KOs) VS.

Felipe Orucuta

(36-5-0, 30 KOs)

12 Round Super Flyweight Fight
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In their September 8th match at The Forum in Los Angeles, California Juan Francisco "El Gallo" Estrada (37-3-0, 25 KOs) claimed a victory over his relentless opponent Felipe "Galito" Orucuta (36-5-0, 30 KOs) in a bout that lasted all 12 rounds and ended with a unanimous decision.

Estrada glided through the first round; he was in control of the ring and moved around it with seemingly no effort. Orucuta lead with a slow and looped series of punches and continued throwing them through to the end of the second. By the third, Orucuta started to land his punches in a way that surprised Estrada. For most of the fourth and fifth, Estrada seemed bored and unimpressed by the punches and proceeded to throw power shots.

Orucuta remained a nuisance for Estrada, firing off punches and brushing off the sharp blows that Estrada bounced off his chin. Through the seventh and eighth, every time Orucuta would throw a hook, Estrada would respond with a powerful right hand. The tussle between the two would continue, Estrada asserting himself and Orucuta matching his efforts with another jab.

As the pair entered the last two rounds, Estrada appeared to gain his momentum and could see his victory in sight. By the final round, the match was clearly weighing on Orucuta, as Estrada seemed to erase all doubt, repeatedly knocking down on his opponent with right-hand jabs. As the bell rang, all three judges knew who the clear winner was.

The stats from the fight showed that although Orucuta threw more punches, Estrada landed a much greater percentage - 34.8% compared to 20.3%.

"It was a good fight, no question," said Estrada. "Orucuta is a good fighter. He's taller; he's got longer range. He's difficult, but at the end I got the win."

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